Save a Shelter-Pet from Death


Every Year, 3 Million Shelter-Pets Are Killed in Shelters


The Pet Airways Save-A-Million Pets™ Program collects pets from death row in cities where pets have no hope for adoption, and flies them to cities where there are people ready, willing and wanting to adopt them.



Why Are So Many Pets Euthanized?

What Can be Done To Limit
The Euthanasia of Shelter-Pets

Create an efficient system and process that moves pets from  cities where the only solution is euthanasia, to cities where there is a 100% chance of adoption.

  • Create A Process and System
  • Enlist Shelters and Rescue Groups
  • Manage the Process
  • Remove Death Row Pets
  • Engage Individuals and Corporations To Support the Cause
  • Fly Pets to Where They Will be Adopted
Shelter-Pet looking at Adopting Parents

Are You Looking For A Cause
To Get Behind?

What is a better cause than saving a life?
Shelter-Pets need a life-line. With you on their side, they are one step closer to being a great companion friend.

Types of Sponsorships

Pet Parent meeting Shelter-Pet

Individual Sponsorship

You can be a sponsor. Sponsor as
many pets as you want. Every
pet's life counts.
Corportate Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorship

Get your company behind a cause
that all the team can be proud of.
Your company can save many lives.